Monday, September 7, 2009

Extending Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia (Visa Visa Extension)

The visit visa can be extended to maximum 9 months but still depends on the visa officer.

Following are the steps and procedures which are required to extend Visit Visa.

Following documents will be required to apply for visit visa extension.
  1. Your iqama copy.
  2. Original passport of visitor.
  3. A form filled in arabic. These form are available in Passport Office (jawazaat office). You can get from there and filled there or can ask you employer to provide you with a filled form. This form will be signed by you ( as you are the sponsor of the visitor)
  4. A draft for 100 SR . But now a days this is not mendatory you can submit SR 100 along with your application.
To get maximum months of extension you have to request the visa officer. Normally in case of family they give 2 months if requested they may give you 3 months.

To make the stay longer you have to get this extension each time before its expiring.

Note: Don't take risk to let your visitor over stay even one day as government has tightened the rules and its penality is SR 10,000 and exit.

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Khurram Shahzad