Sunday, February 21, 2010

Applying for Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia

For bringing your family on permanent visa in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Following are the steps which will guide you through this process:
  1. Documents
  2. Attestation
  3. Visa Application in KSA
  4. Visa Application in Pakistan (home country)

  • Documents:
    Following documents are required.
    • Your Professional Degree
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Passport of your Spouse & Children
    • B Form (for children only)
  • Attestation:
    Following attestation is required before applying for  permanent family visa in Saudi Labor Office (Istikhdam/istaqdam Office), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Find below the document to be attested by the respective institution.
    • HEC (Higher Education Commission)
      • Original Degree
    • Ministry of Foreign Office (Home Country's Foreign Office)
      • Degree (Original & Arabic both)
      • Marriage Certificate (nikah nama) (Original & Arabic both)
      • B-Form (Child birth form for children only )  (Original & Arabic both)
    • Saudi Culture office (Home Country)
      • Original Degree
      • Employer (Kafeel) Letter - (for this its better to check with the agent, if it is really required)
    • Saudi Embassy / Consulate (Home Country)
      • Degree (Original & Arabic both)
      • Marriage Certificate (nikah nama) (Original & Arabic both)
      • B-Form (Child birth form for children only )  (Original & Arabic both)

  • Visa Application in KSA:
    You need to attest your original degree from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Saudi Arabia ( and also your marriage certificate. They will charge your some amount (30 SR / attestation) for attestation.
    Once the above documents are ready. You need following documents to submit your application for permanent visa of your family.

    • Your iqama copy
    • Your spouse passport copy
    • Photo copy of attested Arabic translation of Your Degree
    • Photo copy of attested Arabic translation of marriage certificate
    • Photo Copy of attested Arabic translation of B-Form. (for children)
    • Employer letter in which your salary and job details are mentioned.
    • Application Form filled by your company for submitting along with documents.


    Also keep your all original documents with you which the visa officer may ask for. Once ready, you need to submit these to Istikhdam/istaqdam Office in your region (For Eastern Province it is in Dammam).After some verification of documents he will issue you a visa copy (yellow paper).
    Once you get this yellow paper you need to send the following to home country (like Pakistan, India etc…).
    • Visa Copy (Yellow Paper)
    • Your passport copy ( info page)
    • Your iqama copy

  • Visa Processing from Pakistan(Home Country)
    Following are the guidelines for stamping visa from Saudi Embassy in Pakistan (home country).
    • Consult any agent who processes visa form Saudi Embassy like in Islamabad Sky Link Services ( provides these services.
    • Get your spouse medical report from any assigned medical center. You can ask to your agent for the medical center.
    • You would require following documents to be submitted to Agent for visa stamping form Saudi Embassy.
      • You iqama copy
      • yellow paper
      • you passport copy
      • medical report of your spouse
      • passport size photos of your spouse ( I think 2 or 4)
      • Original passport of your spouse.

    Agent will take some 4-7 days for visa stamping once done you can collect the original passport from agent and schedule the flight.

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Hope it will help!!!!
Disclaimer: This all information is totally on personal experience with sole purpose of to help others who like me is looking for the guideline on this topic.