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Questions Answers - by Saudi Arabia Expatriates

     Please find below number of common questions frequently asked (FAQs) by Saudi Arabia expatriates regarding various topics. These topics include exit re entry visa, family visa, dependent visa, iqama renewal, iqama lost, traffic violation, final exit and lots of other Saudi Arabia related questions.

1.   I lost my exit‐re‐entry visa while traveling outside the Kingdom; how could I get a replacement for it?
Ø  You are advised to visit this page ( and print a copy of your exit‐re‐entry visa so that you can return to Kingdom without obstacles.

2.   My father, mother, wife and brother are coming to perform Umrah; are they allowed to stay with me for a while in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia Capital) where I reside?
Ø  Regulations allow that in case you provide a permit from the Hajj and Umrah Administration to let them move outside the holy sites, and sign a pledge that they will leave the Kingdom before the visa expires.

3.      Does the Saudi Department of Passports prevent my entry to Kingdom if I do not carry a no‐object letter?
Ø  The no‐objection letter is related to the labour office procedures and not to the passports department; anyhow the absence of such a letter does not impeded entry procedures to Kingdom.

4.      What are documents required to recruit a relative?
Ø  The recruitment office is responsible for this issue not the Saudi Passports Department.

5.      Is there any fines prescribed for delaying addition of a dependent born inside?
Ø  SR 500 fine is prescribed for delaying addition of a kid born inside the Kingdom for more than three months.
Ø  SR 1000 fine is prescribed for delaying addition of a kid born outside the Kingdom for more than one year.

6.      I fled my sponsor and came back again; how can I deactivate the escape report knowing that the sponsor has no objection?
Ø  Regulations do not allow deactivation of an escape report at the present time after it is made by the sponsor.

7.      One of my dependents did not return on time due to study circumstances, how could his visa be extended?
Ø  Extending visas from out side the Kingdom is through the website of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

8.      My wife left the Kingdom on an exit‐re‐entry visa and gave birth in her country, how can I enter the kid into the Kingdom?
Ø  The wife shall visit the Saudi embassy in her country and obtain entry visa for her kid. After the family arrives into the Kingdom you need to apply at the passports department to add the kid.

9.      Is there any money burdens prescribed to add a wife coming from outside the Kingdom?
Ø  When a wife gets entry visa to reside with her husband after paying recruitment fees, it means the requirements are met and no additional fees required.

10.  My Iqama is expired and I have a release from my sponsor for service transfer; is it possible to complete sponsorship transfer and then renew my Iqama?
Ø  Regulations stipulate that your Iqama must be valid in order to be able to transfer services to a new sponsor.

11.  I lost a residence permit of one of my dependents, am I fined for that?
Ø  You must report the loss within (24) hours to avoid financial penalty.

12.  I married inside the Kingdom, am I only required to add my wife on my Iqama?
Ø  Regulations stipulate that after marriage wife sponsorship must be transferred to her husband.

13.  I wish to leave on a final visa (Final Exit Visa) but my passport is expired, what shall I do?
Ø  You must renew your passport before applying for a final exit visa.

14.  I have a traffic violation, can I obtain an exit‐re‐entry visa?
Ø  Regulations stipulate that your traffic records should be clean from violations in order to get the required visa.

15.  My wife left the Kingdom on an exit‐re‐entry visa for one year for study and she has (2 kids); can she return to kingdom without her kids?
Ø  Regulations do not ban her return without her kids but such a procedure will deprive the kids of their residency rights in the Kingdom.

16.  I am 25 years old and I am still a student; can I renew my residence permit and stay on my father sponsorship?
Ø  The regulations stipulate that after the age of 25 years, sponsorship be transferred thus both renewal of residence permit and transfer of sponsorship are done at the same time.

17.  I encountered special circumstances delayed my return on time; is there a way to extend my visa?
Ø  Your sponsor can apply for visa extension for only one month through the website( of the ministry of foreign affairs, provided that your residence permit is valid.

18.  What are the documents required to obtain a visit visa for a family member?
Ø  Obtaining a Saudi Visit Visa is a procedure of the Saudi Ministry of foreign affairs which you can access through its website. (

19.  Is there any fees prescribed for adding newborns inside or outside the Kingdom?
Ø  SR 2000 is defined as fees for adding newborns outside the Kingdom. No fees for newborns inside the Kingdom.

20.  My wife entered the kingdom on a visit visa; I did not find the border number in order to pay the fees and complete the extension procedures what shall I do?
Ø  The border number is hand‐written near the visa starting with the digit (3). If it is not possible to find it just report to the visa extension division to get the number required for the extending the visa.

21.  Is it allowed to change a visit visa into a residency visa?
Ø  Regulations do not allow that.

22.  How can I change my profession on Iqama (Resident Permit) ?
Ø  It is possible to change profession on Iqama (Resident Permit) according to qualification certificates upon Saudi Labour office approval.

23.  I have an emergency that requires my travel, can I have a travel visa outside the formal work‐time?
Ø  The passports departments work around the clock; but services for special cases outside the official work‐time are assessed and provided if necessary.

24.  I have a traffic violation registered in my name, can I get an exit‐re‐entry visa?
Ø  You traffic records should be clean from violations in order to be able to get an exit‐re‐entry visa.

25.  My family members are added in the Iqama of the mother, could the mother travel without them?
Ø  Regulations stipulate that the dependents should travel with the mother, otherwise they should be separated with a special passport/ passports.

26.  If my Iqama is damaged shall I apply for a new Iqama or stay until it is expires?
Ø  You should apply for a new Iqama; if the damaged Iqama is nearly to expire and you want to renew it, regulations allow adding validity period remaining in the old Iqama to the validity of the new Iqama.

27.  Am I allowed to obtain a final exit visa if there is a car registered in my name?
Ø  You must sell any vehicle registered in your name before you could be able to obtain a final exit visa.

28.  Can I return to Kingdom on a new visa before expiration of an exit‐re‐entry visa?
Ø  Regulations do not allow you return to the Kingdom on a new visa as long as you have a valid exit‐re‐entry visa.

29.  Is there any fines imposed for a loss of Iqama?
Ø  SR 1000 fine is prescribed as fees for Iqama loss.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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